I’ve got several series out, including ones in science fiction, fantasy and urban fantasy.

The Empathic Detective: A Mystery Thriller was selected for publication by Amazon’s digital imprint Kindle Press through the Kindle Scout selection process. The sequel, Ghostsuit, was also selected by Kindle Press.

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  1. Hi Jaxon,

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  2. Jaxon,

    Like you, I am an indie author and I wanted to reach out to see if you would be a guest author on Book Nerd Paradise, a YouTube channel I founded to make social media more personal for authors and readers. The channel is dedicated specifically to YA sci fi and fantasy.

    Based upon your success in the YA sci fi genre, I thought you would be a perfect fit. It would be just a 25-30 minute commitment to tape the episode. I then edit it so you look amazing 🙂

    You can view the episodes that have aired at YouTube at bit.ly/BookNerdParadiseYouTube

    I’d really love to host you.

    Many thanks!
    Linda Lee (@LRWLee)

  3. Small issue with dimensions:

    Pirates of the Milky Way Box Set: Books 1-10

    “This one was one of the smaller versions, at 100 cubic meters. It was still big: a tenth of a kilometer, tall enough to cover a 30 story building.”

    100 cubic meters is not really that big. It represents a cube with a side length equal to the cubic root of 100 = 4.6 meters per side.

    If you want a cube that has a tenth of a kilometer (100m) on a side then you will have a cube that is 1000000 cubic meters. A few orders of magnitude more.

    These types on things can get away on you.

    Love the books and am enjoying reading them

    • Hi Jack, thanks for reaching out. At the moment, the problem with a paperback version of the entire 10 book series is the spine would be too thick. I’ve tossed around the idea of making individual paperbacks, but right now most of my time is filled with finishing up Agents. After Agents is complete (hopefully around April), I might take a closer look at putting everything out in paper versions.

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