Star League Assassins 5 is out

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Lost Quadrant is fifth in the Star League Assassins series. We’ve got prison breakouts, prison break-ins, stealth killer ships, asteroid mining super suits, smugglers, conspiracies, and lots more.

Hope you enjoy! Look for Book 6 later this summer.

2 thoughts on “Star League Assassins 5 is out

  1. Jaxon, love reading your series. Like how the characters flow from one series to the next. Pirates, Agents and Assassins … eagerly awaiting Books 6 to ? on the Star League Assassins.
    The Steam & Aether Book 1 seems like it’s also going be a good read. Also, eagerly awaiting Book 2.
    Anyway, hope this note finds you healthy and well.
    Thanks for the entertainment
    Larry Shafer

    • Thanks for the kind words. SLA 6 has been delayed, alas. I do hope to resume the series later this year. Book 4 in Steam & Aether debuts tomorrow.

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