The Pirates of the Milky Way Box Set is Out!

I’m pleased to announce the box set for Pirates of the Milky Way is out! Here’s the short blurb:

When the League moves on a golden planet deep inside Republican territory, war breaks out. Competing forms of galactic government fight to the death. AIs strategize, teleporting star fleets and space-based weapons systems across vast distances in an epic interstellar conflict.

Outgunned and desperate for more ships, the Republic turns to privateers, recruiting law-skirting companies from the fabled planet of Lute and offering huge rewards for their service.

One man, Captain Christopher Raleigh, flies the Ultima Mule with a crew of brilliant misfits. Together, they set out to teach the League a lesson or two, and collect multiple bounties along the way . . .

Many thanks to everybody who has supported this series since its inception and its year-long run as a serial. You can pick this up for a limited time at a greatly discounted price.

Dungeon Corps: Maze of Menos is out!

I’m happy to announce that the second book in the Dungeon Corps series is out! Dungeon Corps: Maze of Menos is available on Amazon right now. Many thanks for all of you who helped support this series, from its beginnings to now. I appreciate it.

Cover Reveal – Maze of Menos

Maze of Menos, second in the Dungeon Corps epic fantasy series, is nearing completion. Jacqueline Sweet has made another knockout cover for this one. Look for it on sale soon!

Terminus Epsilon is out!

I’m very happy to announce the tenth and final installment in the Pirates of the Milky Way series, Terminus Epsilon!

One year ago I set out to create a web serial and publish the results. Today, that journey is complete. At one chapter a day, with occasional breaks, with your help I produced 10 book in the series. Patreon support has been most welcome, and the online encouragement in private notes and on Royal Road has helped as well.

I hope you enjoy this phenomenal 10 book science fiction space opera as much as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks again to everybody who has read it, commented, bought copies on Amazon and contributed on Patreon. It is greatly appreciated.

Subversive Elements Released

Subversive Elements, Book 9 in Pirates of the Milky Way, is up on Amazon! Thanks to everybody who has supported this ongoing series, both through purchases and Patreon subscriptions. It’s greatly appreciated.

We have one more book to go in this series. Stay tuned!

We’re going on a book tour!

I’m happy to announce a virtual book tour featuring Dungeon Corps: Crypts of Phanos with Silver Dagger Book Tours. If you host a blog that covers fantasy books, please consider signing up at the link. We’re also giving away an Amazon gift card, so hop over and take a look.┬áThe book blog tour will take place in February, and I’m looking forward to it.

Digital Assassin Makes a List for 2020

Book Authority has listed Digital Assassin as one of their Best New Galaxies eBooks to Read In 2020. Click over and check it out.

Introducing Dungeon Corps

Dungeon Corps: Crypts of Phanos is out! Patrons subscribing to my Patreon page have followed along with early drafts that started this summer. Now the final version is edited and released!

A band of misfits patrol dungeons and uncover important secrets in this medieval action fantasy. I hope you check it out!

Giving Away 100 Copies of the Forlorn Dagger Trilogy on Goodreads

The Forlorn Dagger Trilogy Box Set featuring all three books in the series will be published Dec. 10. In the meantime I’m giving away 100 copies FREE on Goodreads! If you are on Goodreads, please enter. Every bit helps.

Click here:

Golden Alliance is Next in the Pirates of the Milky Way Series

Battle returns to Halcyon as Tetrarch Thrall learns of its riches. But Halcyon is allied with Lute now, along with all her pirates.

Chapters are already up on Patreon. Free versions will go up on Royal Road starting Sunday, Nov. 17.