Redwood: Battle Cry is released

I am happy to announce the third and final book in the Redwood Trilogy is published today. Redwood: Battle Cry marks the conclusion to my first science fiction series.

It has been a long ride. I released the first Redwood book, Servant of the State in 2014. Redwood: Twelver came out in 2015.

You can start the trilogy and read Servant of the State for 99 cents on Amazon, or better yet download it free off Instafreebie as a thank you for subscribing to my newsletter.

I hope you enjoy finding out what happens to Marcus and Dee Dee, their friends and family. I certainly enjoyed creating their world.

Introducing readper



A fun little side project I’m doing is another blog called readper. The blog focuses on showcasing books in the genres of science fiction and fantasy, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance. It’s a service to other authors, and a way to get the word out about their books.

Also, for the month of December, subscribers to the blog’s mailing list are eligible for a $100 gift certificate from Amazon just for signing up.

Head over there and find something interesting to read!

Ghostsuit to be published by Kindle Press!

Amazon’s digital imprint, Kindle Press, has decided to publish the second Empathic Detective novel, Ghostsuit!

Thanks to everybody who nominated it for publication through Kindle Scout. You’ll get your free copy from Amazon when it’s released in a few weeks.


Only a few days left to nominate Ghostsuit

Time is marching down on the Kindle Scout campaign for Ghostsuit. If you nominate the book, and Kindle Press decides to publish it, they’ll send you a free copy through Amazon!

Click on over and check it out. The campaign ends Nov. 22.




Redwood: Servant of the State is on InstaFreebie

If you haven’t picked up a copy of Redwood: Servant of the State, first in the Redwood Trilogy, you can grab a free copy over on Instafreebie. You can even choose the format you want: epub, mobi, or PDF.



Ghostsuit: An Empathic Detective Novel is on Kindle Scout

Today marks the start of the Kindle Scout campaign for Ghostsuit: An Empathic Detective Novel.

This will be the second Empathic Detective book, following the adventures of Detective Gerald Bryce. Here is the blurb for the new book:

A serial killer is loose in Central Texas. The Hangman steals victims’ DNA, disappearing without a trace. When Gerald Bryce investigates, he uncovers a far more sinister plot. Someone is intent on creating artificial life and harnessing its clairvoyant powers. Can he stop the Hangman before people he loves get hurt? And can he stop the larger plot before everyone in the city falls under a dangerous psychic spell? A ghostsuit may hold the key, by giving him an electronic set of spectral powers.

Readers who nominate the book for publication will receive a free copy from Amazon if Kindle Press publishes the book.

Please nominate the book today.

Ghostsuit - small

The Empathic Detective is on Amazon Prime Reading

I am honored to have my novel, The Empathic Detective, selected as one of the inaugural books offered free to Amazon Prime members through the new Prime Reading program.

Amazon has long offered Prime members a free book every month, but now they’ve expanded their offerings. For a limited time, Prime members will be able to read The Empathic Detective for free with their subscription.

If you’ve already read The Empathic Detective, please let your friends and family who have Amazon Prime know about this opportunity to read my book and many others!

Click the cover!

Thieves & Wizards now available!

Today is the day! My new high fantasy Thieves & Wizards is available from Amazon. It’s had a great two week run on pre-order, and it’s been fun watching it rise in the ranks.


Thieves and Wizards is Available for Pre-order!

I’m happy to announce that my new epic fantasy, Thieves and Wizards, is available for pre-order!

Forged from the ore of a fallen star, the Forlorn Dagger absorbs all magic. Ideal for assassinating wizards, it’s been missing for centuries until it shows up in the library of a mysterious collector. Now an exceptional thief has stolen it.

A young princess endures harsh training to become the ultimate weapon of war: a battlemaiden. And a crown prince snatched from a bloody palace coup is raised in secrecy while a wizard grooms him for the day he reclaims the throne. When a rogue wizard sends an army to recover the Forlorn Dagger, they unite in an attempt to thwart evil, defeat dark magic, and save the realm.

An epic fantasy, Thieves and Wizards is the first novel in The Forlorn Dagger series.

As a special bonus, you can download Thieves and Wizards today for a special pre-order price of 99 cents. After the book goes live on Amazon Tuesday, Sept. 27, the price will increase.


Hashtags for Authors


Collectively, hashtags make a classification system that group tweets together. Twitter users can click on a hashtag, or type it in the search box, and all tweets including the hashtag will show up.

Twitter accounts provide an easy way to connect with readers and other authors. So, how do hashtags work in the publishing world? We’ll look at some examples, and then I’ll offer a list of some hashtags that may be useful to authors.

Sometimes, especially during conferences, people will add the conference hashtag to their tweets. Others attending, or those who aren’t but want to keep up with what’s happening, can simply do a search on the conference hashtag and see all related tweets.

For instance, attendees to ThrillerFest, the annual conference of International Thriller Writers, may use the #thrillerfest hashtag. Since this year’s ThrillerFest was ThrillerFest XI, they may use #thrillerfestxi to discuss this year’s conference. Next year will be ThrillerFest XII, so they may use #thrillerfestxii next year, and so on (note capitalization doesn’t really matter on Twitter with hashtags).

Another use involves genre categorization, so those looking for titles in your genre can find related posts. Thus, authors may use #romance, #sciencefiction, etc.

Groups of authors may share a common hashtag. Rave Review Book Club members use the hashtag #RRBC. Authors published by Amazon’s digital imprint, Kindle Press, use the #kpauthors hashtag.

Through the use of third parties, Twitter accounts can be set up to automatically retweet messages with specific hashtags. Other times, some people voluntarily retweet items with certain hashtags. Thus we see hashtags like #IARTG (Indie Author Retweet Group) and #ASMSG (Author Social Media Support Group).

Are some hashtags better at reaching your intended audience than others? To help answer that question, you can look at sites like RiteTag which give real time stats on different hashtags and help you decide whether or not one is worth using in your tweet. For instance, RiteTag’s stats on #BYNR (Be Your Next Read) consistently show it’s a good one to have your tweet seen over time (as opposed to other hashtags which may be better for being seen immediately).

You can pay for a tweet to be promoted. I’ve recommended here that you do this at least once because when you are a paying customer, Twitter will let you see stats on every tweet you put out. That way you can see how many people clicked on a link you tweeted, how many people clicked on a hashtag in your post, etc.

You don’t necessarily have to have a huge following to make an impact on Twitter. It’s true that sending out a single tweet can be akin to spitting in the ocean, but there are ways to make your tweets stand out, and hashtags are one of those ways.

Don’t expect the world to beat a path to your book just because you’ve tweeted about it. But, do expect some people to browse the hashtags you include, and maybe see your tweet.

Below I’ve included a list of popular hashtags used by authors on Twitter. This is not an all inclusive list, but it does have many of my favorites. If you have one that’s not on here, feel free to email me.





#sf – science fiction
#sff – science fiction and fantasy


#CR4U – Clean Reads For You (G and PG books)
#SFRTG – Science Fiction Retweet Group
#IndieSFF – Indie Science Fiction & Fantasy
#SupportIA – Support Indie Authors
#IARTG – Indie Authors Retweet Group
#ASMSG – Author Social Media Support Group
#RRBC – Rave Reviews Book Club
#BYNR – Be Your Next Reed
#FARG – Fiction Authors Resource Group