Then There Were 6: Miriam’s Dilemma Debuts

Miriams’ Dilemma marks the sixth book in the Agents of the Planetary Republic series, and 16th overall in the Milky Way Universe. Here’s the series page for Agents.

And here’s the blurb for Miriam’s Dilemma:

League forces in Octavia move against ex-Marine Gina Wilcox, trying to grab a very special droid. Powerful special forces combine their strength with vicious street gangs, ready to take her on.

Tetrarch Chu deals with betrayal on Euripides, and turns to the Nomadi for help. A lone assassin heads into the wilderness to hunt her down.

Now, both a Tetrarch and a bot are in trouble, but only one will find favor with the powers that be . . .

Don’t miss the action-packed Book 6 in this epic space opera adventure!

Miriam’s Dilemma is Underway

Book 6 in Agents is in progress, and you can catch a sneak peek over at Patreon. Read the first four chapters free here.


Clarion Protocol Activated!

Happy to announce the fifth installment in the Agents of the Planetary Republic series. Clarion Protocol features Gina Wilcox, droids, Commander Wolf, zodiac ships, space battles, fist fights, and some folks we haven’t seen since Pirates of the Milky Way. Check it out today!

Operation Counterforce is a go!

Today I’m happy to announce the release of Book 4 in the action-packed Agents of the Planetary Republic series.

Operation Counterforce features Commander Hamilton Wolf and his fellow misfits, a group of space marines who have all stepped outside the lines of the law. They band together to strike back at League forces in a black ops mission in deep space.

Detective Wilcox is still active. Now an Assistant Director for the AOJ, she and her team deal with a rogue engineer and his supersuit as he robs banks and other businesses with wanton ambition. Will they be able to stop him once he gains control of a weapon that matches the power of his suit?

Find out today. Download Operation Counterforce right now!

The Launch of a Trilogy

Agents of the Planetary Republic Books 1-3 launched today! I hope you take advantage of the opportunity to grab the first three books in this exciting new series. Here’s the blurb:

The war is over and ex-Space Marines like Sergeant Gina Wilcox are transitioning to civilian life. For Wilcox, that means a career in law enforcement, complete with shootouts and other violent crimes.

But not everyone considers the war entirely over. When an old SSI code activates sleeper cells in the Republic’s capital, Wilcox and a team of veterans suddenly find themselves in the midst of a deadly cold war using high technology and facing even higher stakes.

Grab it today!

Triskelion Conspiracy is Active

The third book in Agents of the Planetary Republic is up on Amazon! Triskelion Conspiracy deals with an insidious plot by the League to assassinate VIPs in the Republic. Here’s the blurb:

Triskelion is active. The Chancellor is murdered. Scores of deep undercover operatives have mobilized to take down politicians, judges, and law enforcement personnel.

Former Marine Sergeant Gina Wilcox leads an elite team that fights back, bringing swift justice to the SSI agents arrayed against the Republic.

But the deadliest assassin of them all has just arrived by interplanetary transport. And things are about to get much, much worse . . .

Don’t miss the third installment in this ongoing action-packed series!

You can pick it up today and download immediately from Amazon.

Storm Warning Now Available

The second book in Agents of the Planetary Republic has been released. You can pick it up on Amazon for a discounted price at a limited time. Up next: Book 3 in this new series!

Introducing a New Series: Agents of the Planetary Republic

Today Detective Wilcox is released, first in a brand new Space Opera series, Agents of the Planetary Republic.

Here’s the blurb:

The war is over. For ex-Marine Sergeant Gina Wilcox, that means using her powers outside the military for a change.

Wilcox is an electronic telepath, and when Naval Investigations is dissolved she’s recruited into AOJ, the Republic’s top civilian law enforcement agency.

AOJ has a reputation for being corrupt to the core. And to make matters worse, crime spikes out of control right before election season.

Wilcox does her part, rounding up terrorists and assassins. But the criminal underworld reaches far deeper than anyone realizes. Something darker and much more sinister is lurking . . . just beyond her enhanced powers of perception.

The series is set in the Pirates of the Milky Way universe and picks up where the other series left off. Thanks to everybody on Patreon who has supported and helped in the story’s development.

The Fae Killers Compendium is Out!

The Fae Killers Compendium

I’m pleased to announce the box set for the Fae Killers quadrilogy is out. This series follows a group of resurrected individuals who battle evil creatures across time and space in alternate universes. Here is the blurb:

The fae sow chaos among the alternates. An elite team of resurrected individuals hunts them down.

The Walker and his recruits jump into any timeline on any alternate in search of their prey. From the Garden of Eden to the Flood to the far future, they search through corrupted realities sending fae to Judgment.

But after centuries of hiding, the fae have found a way to fight back. They will strike the Walker’s headquarters outside of time and space.

Now, the hunters have become the hunted.

Hope you enjoy this one, my sole urban fantasy series.

Booked for Death is out!


I’m happy to announce Booked for Death: A Fae Killers Novel is out. This marks the fourth and final book in the series. Here’s the blurb:

The Walker’s best huntress is trapped between worlds. Tiff only appears for a few moments off the coast of France every few years, in a different alternate each time. Now, Nazi paranormal researchers have picked up a faint signal . . .

British and Texan bombs rain down across Europe, but a bigger battle will be fought at the French version of Stonehenge. Darius Booker lost Tiff before, but this time he and the Walker are bringing every resource they have, in this world and others. The fae and the hunters are destined to face off in a battle never seen before, in any parallel universe. And the stakes will ripple across time and reality. All realities.

Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to the Fae Hunters saga!

Hope you get a chance to click over and take a look.