The Fae Killers Compendium is Out!

The Fae Killers Compendium

I’m pleased to announce the box set for the Fae Killers quadrilogy is out. This series follows a group of resurrected individuals who battle evil creatures across time and space in alternate universes. Here is the blurb:

The fae sow chaos among the alternates. An elite team of resurrected individuals hunts them down.

The Walker and his recruits jump into any timeline on any alternate in search of their prey. From the Garden of Eden to the Flood to the far future, they search through corrupted realities sending fae to Judgment.

But after centuries of hiding, the fae have found a way to fight back. They will strike the Walker’s headquarters outside of time and space.

Now, the hunters have become the hunted.

Hope you enjoy this one, my sole urban fantasy series.

It’s October – Time for Rick or Treat!

Rick or Treat is out!

This one took a bit longer to edit than expected, but the timing worked out anyway. In my ongoing urban fantasy series about resurrected people fighting evil fae across multiple timelines and realities, Nancy Chance was finally reunited with her beau Rick Strickland, only to lose him again in an attack on Headquarters.

Rick finds himself dropped into a doomed airliner headed to London. The crew has been poisoned, and nobody knows how to fly. Good thing Rick used to be a pilot in his past life!

He finds himself in a strange world, where the American Revolution failed and Texas is the dominant republic. The Nazis control most of Europe and haven’t started World War II, at least not yet.

He’s alone with no help from home and no way to get back. Worse, the fae have their sights on this alternate, and the Nazis are planning something evil for the upcoming All Hallows’ Eve Ball.

Hope you enjoy this one.